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Use?Strategic?Guest Blogging

Create and Distribute Infographics

Get Active on Social Media

Use Resource?Links?From Trusted?Sites

Leverage the Broken?Links Strategy

Grow Your Personal Brand

Check Competitor's Backlinks

Replicate Best?Links?From Competitors.

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Google doesn't like link building for a site. Any sort of scheme that helps your?site gain a backlink is disregarded. The only legit way is to acquire it naturally or at least make it appear natural. Social Media is great place to start with. You can go for niche edits but that's more time consuming and rewards are not always good. Guest posting is decent, but most of the site these day have their metrics up using illegitimate techniques and backlinks so chances are your efforts might go to waste. Blog commenting is mostly useles, you don't gain any advantage and by taking sponsored posts you're telling Google you have paid for the post, again there's no value.

Blogger outreach a good option, you can ask influencers to link to your resource and gain a link.

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