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  1. I like it. It's clean and sharp and the nav bar is ever present, which isn't always the case. Is the contact button unfinished? If not maybe reconsider the pop up asking how you'd like to open this. Personally how easily accessible a website makes it to contact them can be a deal breaker for me. If you go with a contact form to fill in with enquiries/comments I'd also leave your contact email easily visible too. Again it's a personal preference but I prefer to copy an email address and send from my own email account as forms usually leave no trace of when a message was sent leaving you to
  2. PS. Hi Stef, a final note on this project. I wasn't able to get the "Add record" function to work even if I did a clean download of the project files and loaded them instead of the ones I'd done working along to the videos. Do we have a bug somewhere in the works?
  3. Not the first and I'm sure not the last time I'll be reminded of that and I'm grateful for all these reminders, they help to maintain some perspective. I'm beginning to think that bloody minded stubbornness might be the most important character trait for anyone trying to get into this field. Is the Buddha's "Life is suffering" paraphrased for nerds.
  4. Hi fra168nk, Thanks, it did indeed help. I've been over that line 27 numerous times but you're asking that question made me look at it differently. It was a typo alright, though not in the sublime text doc, it was in the column name in phpmyadmin. I had it headed "second name"! I never thought to look at that. That'll be another part of the mental map of how things work hammered into place. This has caused no end of doubt and anguish so thanks again
  5. I'm using Sublime text 3 but I forgot about this little feature. It might take some time to train the left eye to pick them out.
  6. Is it just me? Or does anyone else find their eyeballs being tied in knots as the narrator on the video causes brackets to tumble down the page like a chain of ants on a trapeze? And how long does it take for your eyes and brain to adjust and be able to follow what's happening?
  7. Hi I've been typing along with this and in part 2 I'm getting the error below: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$lastname in C:\MAMP\htdocs\CRUD-my-php\view.php on line 27 This repeats 5 times on the page once for each row. The table displays as it should below these 5 errors except for the "lastname" column which is blank except for the heading. As I copied and pasted the code for the "id" row as suggested in the video I'm at a loss as to where the error is? The code for this section is below as I've typed it: It dosesn't look any less baffling
  8. Jim706

    Ruby Tuesday

    Think I remember something about this on the news here at the time. It makes you shudder now but hindsight is nearly always perfect.
  9. Jim706

    Ruby Tuesday

    Damn! That's nippy, I hate when they do that. I'd hazard a guess you probably know the song, but for anyone who doesn't and is curious and has the same problem. search for Goodbye Ruby Tuesday by Melanie in your local Youtube. PS. Is there anyway in Youtube to tell if a video has regional restrictions outside the one you're viewing it in?
  10. Jim706

    Ruby Tuesday

    I've been meaning to post this for ages as a riposte to Stef's Ruby bashing. Finally remembered it on the right day of the week! https://youtu.be/_ca0l5KMdX0
  11. Hi sorry for the delay in coming back to you I had to take a few days away from all this, the learning curve has been steep shall we say, but time to get back to it. I would have put: <link href="insert name of css stylesheet file" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> Don't forget to periodically view in browser to check things are working as you go along. I'm glad you popped this up it reminds me I need to go back and redo the css to refresh things. Cheers, Jim.
  12. If you look to the bottom right hand corner of your Sublime Text window you'll see the tabs doc type labelled as HTML, unless you've previously modified it. Assuming you haven't if you click on where it says HTML you'll see a pop-up that lets you select the language for the page you're working in and you just scroll to find CSS and select it,. Then save the page in the relevant folder and give it an appropriate title. Using stylesheet.css keeps it simple. I'm still pretty new myself but the pieces do start to fit together after a while. Hope this helps.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to go through everything and reply, it's appreciated. Also notifications are such a nice easy start to a Monday
  14. It's still not resolved but I've left it alone in the short time, better to concentrate on the smoother learning experience that does come with windows and get to grips with why I'm here to begin with.
  15. Too true Stef, and thanks for the reassurance. Before I started I was prepared to struggle but it doesn't help it hurt less when you're stuck thinking you've tried every permutation several times over and it starts to get dark and claustrophobic. I wouldn't have had the free time for this opportunity to try get through the course in such a short time without the covid-lockdown-furlough situation but that's still been the hardest stressor to cope with. I've taken a week off a couple of times since I began in April but I'm still here, having a stubborn streak sometimes is a virtue. I knew w
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