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  1. Just breakdown the page into simpler elements and then you can isolate where the problem is. Stef
  2. Hi, Check my youTube channel on how to monetize your coding skills. Just search for Stefan Mischook on YouTube. Stef
  3. Sounds like you set that field to be of the datatype INT, so when you try to insert a string datatype, you will get that error. Makes sense? Stef
  4. Hi, You need to add the identifier attributes to your form elements so your PHP code can capture the form data people enter. Example: <input type="text" id="nameFirst" name="nameFirst"> PHP needs the ID attribute for each form element that captures info. Please refer to the PHP course.
  5. Glad you like the courses on StudioWeb!
  6. This is done easily with include statements which all server side programming languages will support. You can do this most easily with PHP. Check out my PHP course: https://school.studioweb.com/store/course/php_7_foundations
  7. He is important a reference (php page) where the class is defined.
  8. Hi! My own platform, which is used by schools around the world, is very popular for teaching students of all ages: https://school.studioweb.com/store/course/beginners_python_3 We have a homeschool option for parents who want to monitor their child's progress.
  9. I sent you an email with answers to your questions.
  10. This an old thread. These days, you should use HTML5. Beyond that, you can use whatever you like .. PHP. JS etc ... have no impact on SEO.
  11. Hi, When you buy a course, your account is created for you: https://school.studioweb.com/store Stef
  12. I just heard you say, let me translate this into non nerd english. LOL! Almost lost my lungs from laughing too hard.??

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